Pressure Washing

Uncover Hidden Potential

Pressure washing is the most important step to prepare your home for a fresh coat of paint. It’s important to clear away any mold, dust, cobwebs, oil, or old paint so that the new paint can be properly applied. Pressure washing is the first step in preparing your home for success from the beginning of the job and can be performed on brick, aluminum, granite, or asphalt. By properly managing the visual appearance of your property, you can help retain its value as well as improve it.

Exterior Pressure Washing

Pressure washing can breathe new life into your old and tired surfaces by clearing away years of grime, dirt, and even damage caused by harsh UV exposure. Our team is always careful to tailor the pressure and temperature we use based on the materials we’re working with to make sure we avoid damaging soft pavers or stone. We also take care to assess the extent of how much your surfaces might be stained and use the proper solutions to lift any dirt, grease, or oils so they can be washed away. We also only use eco-friendly cleaning products, so you’ll never have to worry about whether your home project will be affecting the environment or not! We’ll clear away years of buildup from siding, stucco, driveways, roofing, with the utmost care.

Soft Washing

The secret to exterior house washing is using a low pressure cleaning method called soft washing. You can trust our team not only to use the right pressure, but also the right temperature settings and use them both at the right distance. We make sure to deliver the maximum cleaning results without any damage to your property.

Driveway Cleaning

Driveways are one of the most high traffic areas outside of your home, so of course they suffer a lot of abuse. With cars going on and off them several times a day, there is always a risk of oil or chemicals dripping from your vehicles and leaving stains. Fortunately, we’re well versed when it comes to removing all kinds of stains from your driveway which include tire marks, oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, rust, hardwater stains, mildew, and mold.

Roof Cleaning

Roof tile can last a long time given that it’s taken care of properly. Prime Painters provides roof cleaning services that can extend the life of your roof tile while also keeping it looking its best. Our combinations of equipment and products can remove any undesirable elements from building up and making your house look dingy and unkempt.